What inspired us to create the Vzájemně project?

05. 05. 2020David Kasper About Us
What inspired us to create the Vzájemně project?

Many business activities start with an apparent reason; to make as much money as possible. The more enlightened ones begin by aspiring to solve people’s problems and make a profit while doing that. Our project goes a little deeper than this. We would like to help people during the current situation to find work and do good for Czech society, and let’s not think about earnings for now. Does it sound like crazy to you? Keep reading.

We don’t do it for money, we have our primary business elsewhere 

As it’s said; a desperate situation requires drastic action. We wanted to perform a heroic act in an urgent circumstance, which is why our Vajemne project was created. During the first month of the COVID-19 outbreak of the pandemic and the government restrictions, we focused on stabilizing our business. We ensured that the impact on us was kept to a minimum. 

Thanks to the fact that we do business in the online world and, also, we are used to working remotely, we soon found out that everything works as it should. We are some of the few who are lucky, and their business even grows despite the current crisis. So we have a so-called counter-cyclical business.

It was a somewhat ambivalent feeling whenever someone asked me, “How are you, David?”. Instead of the negative answer they expected, received a surprisingly positive response; “I’m great, it couldn’t be better”. Not everyone was so fortunate or able to adapt as promptly. Observing more and more people struggling to manage the current situation, came the idea of ​​how to help people with these destinies also began to form in my head.

We contemplated. What we can do and what can we give. This was the result:
  • We have capable people who can really take matters into their own hands despite the crisis.
  • We can work with digital technologies.
  • We feel like helping.

From these ideas came the project Vzájemně, where we could use all these points and from April 1, 2020, we started working on something that is far from the scope of our typical business. Our objective was to try to get it up and running in a tight turnaround of just 30 days.

And so we, the “online people” who have been the least affected by the pandemic situation, can do so and offer people and families a helping hand as best we can. 

We really can’t do it alone

The fact that we came up with something and prepared it then launched it will not be enough to actually help. It will not help unless we are supported by the local community, and people use it in the locations where we plan to start. 

Vzájemně will achieve nothing without the mutual support of all. We put hundreds of hours of work into this project in April, and more. Neither the capital invested nor our enthusiasm or perfect management will be enough if the community does not accept us. 

Support us, and we will try to improve each other’s lives. We can assist those who cannot or do not want to risk infection while shopping for essentials. We also have the opportunity to help save businesses where the coronavirus has left deep scars.

How to support Vzájemně?

  • Share us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Become a hero and promote us intensively in your community
  • Order through us
  • Register as a courier

Let’s make the change ourselves, let’s not wait for it.


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