to be a Hero

Every community needs a hero. The only superpowers you need are slick organization skills and hardcore determination. In order for a system like Vzajemne to get traction in any community, there needs to be a coordinated approach to get sellers, couriers and clients onboard. We need the support of local heroes.

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Not Convinced? Check These Inspiring Success Stories

Learn how Vzajemne has helped the Springfield community to prosper.

Meet Liz the Hero
Liz is helping her community adopt Vzajemne which is helping local business to continue despite social distancing practices.

Liz recently graduated university and her bags were packed for Africa where she would help people in need. Very abruptly the whole world changed. Not only couldn’t Liz travel, but it was her small town of Springfield that needed the help. Liz is the hero that introduced her community to Vzajemne. She made it all possible.