About Us

A marketplace for restaurants, shops and businesses to offer goods and services to their local community.

The Problem

Established food delivery apps operating in the Czech market only focus on major cities. Because of COVID-19 impacts, demands are changing significantly and rapidly. Every business, no matter how remote will need to make the switch to online services for any chance of survival.

The Solution

We are building Vzajemne as a scalable platform for anyone to provide goods or services to their local community. Vzajemne will target small towns and villages across the Czech Republic to help retain the micro-economies that the majority of Czech people rely on.

Immediate Objectives


Help companies to survive by accepting orders and bookings online without investing a single crown into web development.


Reduce the number of redundancies and create new jobs or incomes.


Help everyone, from Millenials to retirees to buy essential products and services conveniently and safely.


Offer the Vzajemne service in dozens of towns and villages which food delivery giants neglect.


Support businesses by waiving all fees for 12 months; except those from third-party card processing costs.



We’re doing this to secure a sustainable future

Our immediate objectives were established to combat the growing economic impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. But our vision is larger than this. Over the next few years, we plan to introduce many more initiatives that will protect and improve the way we live in the Czech Republic.

Následujte naši vizi

Did you know only 25% of the Czech population lives in the 10 largest cities?



Where you can use Vzajemne

We just launched the Vzajemne app in our first location Fridlant nad Ostravici on the 1st of May 2020. Things are going great and we’re signing up more vendors in more locations as you read this. If we aren’t in your area yet, let us know by voting for your area.

Meet Purple Team

We are a team of passionate people who build
innovative fintech solutions.
Purple Team

Our Background

Under normal circumstances, we would build solutions for investment brokers, provide platforms for digital payments and card processing. However, circumstances have changed and there are far more important issues to address closer to home. In our home and in your home.

Why we do it?

Many of our group lives in the Czech Republic. We are extremely lucky that our online, international business has not been affected significantly by COVID-19. However, that's not the case for all. Our overseas success is pointless if we allow our local communities to crumble.

Funded the project
Purple Ventures is usually investing in payment technologies and other businesses related to fin-tech. But now we have a chance to invest in a community-support project. Purple Ventures has allocated the capital to build and operated Vzajemne for 12 months without income.
Managed the project
Besides the money and an idea, some muscle was needed to lift the project off the ground. Purple Next took the responsibility of research, development and project management combined with drive and passion to build the platform and brand in just weeks to start helping people before its too late.
Consulted on the project
Purple Technology is the firm with the most experience in our group when it comes to building safe and reliable technology. The list of resources acquired from Purple Technology is too long to mention. Without them looking over our shoulder Vzajemne would not have been possible.

David Kasper
Purple Holding a.s.
Board Member and Co-Founder
Purple Next s.r.o.

David has initiated a series of successful projects which today are managed by other people. Recently he kick-started Vzajemne by inspiring and enlisting his colleagues at Purple Next. David is a passionate product builder who rises at 5:00 with excitement and works through to the night. This commitment comes from David's desire to help Czech communities to prosper in these difficult times.

Lumir Kunz
Former CEO & Owner
Leverage Technology a.s.

Lumir knows the peer to peer market like the back of his hand. Lumir is not only a good friend of David and the Purple Team, but he has the experience and connections to ensure that Vzajemne will be adopted, used by the people who need it and help people the way it was intended. Lumir launched Aukro, the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace in the Czech Republic which processed transactions of 1.6b CZK in 2018. Lumir also invested in the countries leading taxi app Liftago.

David and Lumir are not alone. They are backed by a powerful team.

If you want to join a wicked awesome team, check our
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